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Simplify the way you schedule jobs, create quotes, manage your workforce, invoicing and billing.


Introducing the most intuitive, innovative field service software to hit the cloud in more than a decade.  Manage your field workers, fleet vehicles, dispatch board and more from your computer, tablet or smartphone.  Instantly sync data for real time transference of pertinent information from field to office and vice versa.  No more chasing the paper trail or lost work orders.  Fieldd streamlines the sales service process from start to finish.  Giving your team more time to do what they do best.


Increase productivity, decrease
costs and improve your bottom line

Keeping track of your clients is the key to a successful business. With our build in CRM you will always be on top of things. Client files can hold everything from birthdays, requests for services as well as photos. Track a client's complete history all in one place. Take advantage of custom fields to capture the data that is important to you and your team.

Customize the details of your work orders with Custom Fields. Print your work orders or take them on the go. Mobile optimized.  Easily add notes, capture files both in the office as well as in the field. Easily add notes, capture files both in the office as well as in the field.

Scheduling jobs for one time or recurring services. Recurring services can repeat everyday, or every 30 years. Easily view the calendar to determine best time to schedule the job. Drag and drop functionality allows you to easily rearrange the schedule.

Process credit card payments directly in the app. Fieldd Service Software integrates seamlessly with Stripe. There is no additional merchant account necessary. This gets you paid faster, and with a larger percentage staying in your pocket. Simply sign up for Stripe and enter your API key into Fieldd, it is that easy.

On The Horizon

We are not stopping here.  Fieldd is awesome, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it even better.  We have integrations planned for accounting, additional reporting and additional payment options. But what makes us really thrive is when you ask for something - we really pay attention!

  • Mobile App

    You’ve asked for it, so it's on the list.  We are mobile optimized, with plans for an iOS/Android apps in the future.

  • Robust Reporting

    Customize your reports to see an unlimited amount of data, if it's in Fieldd, you can make a report from it.

  • GPS Integration

    See where your field users are at any moment and access historical location.

  • Push, SMS & Email Support

    Communicate to your users with various message type options to best fit each customer.

  • Job Time Tracking

    Each job will have a record of each mile travelled as well as record of the jobs' duration.