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See how The Boardwalk Cleaning Co. saved $32,200 when they switched to Fieldd…

The Boardwalk Cleaning Co., was established in 2003.  They are based in Austin, Texas and on average they have 28 field team members, 3 supervisors, and 2 office staff.

About Boardwalk

The Boardwalk Cleaning Co. was started out of a home garage in 2003. Over the years, they grew and grew, but they struggled to find a field service management app that did what they needed it do to, was easy-to-use, and most importantly, saved them valuable time.

Over the years, they tried a few systems such as Servicesidekick, Jobber, QExpress, InfusionSoft (Eek! The hoops some people will jump through!), and ServiceCEO (both the desktop and online versions).

But they never found “the one” that had the simple scheduling capabilities, the robust CRM features they required, the tools to help them proactively market to potential new clients, the robust payroll and revenue reporting…the all-in-one solution – until they switched to Fieldd in 2017.


After the switch, Boardwalk saw a return on their investment within the first 30 days. They were able to eliminate the need for multiple pieces of software, for a savings of over $7,200 annually.

Another huge area of savings was a reduction in man hours that it was taking to calculate payroll hours. Tracking down paper work orders to get a field team members’ total job time and manually inputting those hours into their old “system” used to take up to 2 hours a day, but now it takes less than a minute to run a payroll report.

That reduction in office man hours alone saved them $15,000 annually.


With an average of 14 teams and 3 supervisors and 2 office staff, you could say that Boardwalk had a pretty big carbon footprint. They wasted a lot of paper, ink cartridges, printer drums, time on paper jams, updating printer drivers, and on top of all that, they were paying a shredding service to safely dispose of reams of paper with client information.

Add to that the time spent on the back and forth phone calls, updating field team members throughout the day whenever a new job was added or changed or cancelled…It was a mess!

Today, they don’t waste reams of paper to print work orders anymore. With Fieldd, Boardwalk has transitioned to a paperless dispatch system and their teams get all updates to their tablets or smartphones. Boardwalk estimates that the cost savings added up to about $10,000 a year.

The Future

In total, the switch to Fieldd saved Boardwalk $32,200 in their first year.

And in addition to the savings, they’ve seen a +20% increase in year-over-year revenue. Today, the folks at Boardwalk are spending their new-found time on proactively growing the business and increasing their revenues and they hope to see it grow even more as Fieldd rolls out additional features.

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