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Working with Realtors, or How to Find a Gold Mine

Here’s the deal. I get asked this question all the time…

How do you get Realtors to work with you? They must be a gold mine!

The answer is quite simple. Just make yourself known. To a Realtor, their network *is* their most important marketing tool, and it should be in *your* toolbox as well.

Getting face time with Realtors is as easy as herding cats. They are contractors, not employees, of the company that they work with (their broker). Trying to contact them on an individual basis is not only time consuming, it is usually fruitless. I say this because unless you research each Realtor prior to contacting them, it’s quite possible that they are new, have never sold a house, or maybe they work with buyers and not sellers.

What you need are active, seasoned Realtors that work with sellers. They’re the ones that usually have a “team” working for them. And you need to become part of the team. The team will often consist of contractors from various industries — a handyman, an organizer, a house cleaner, a carpet cleaner, a photographer, a stager, and of course a title company that brings the whole deal together. The Realtor is rarely paying for any of these items, but they’re the ones that will sell the services to the homeowner in order to get the home sold quickly and for a high dollar.

Realtor Referral Program

This is how we have gotten in front of a couple hundred Realtors at a time.

  • Join the local Realtor Association.
  • Sign up for snack break partnerships through the education department.

The standard for the meetings in our market is that you sign up as a “snack break” partner. A number of attendees will be announced a couple of days beforehand. You will be providing a snack for the attendees and in turn, will be able to pass out marketing materials, and speak for approximately 3 minutes (make it count!).

This is when having an elevator speech comes in handy. You will want to keep it short so that the attendees have plenty of time to get up, have a break, and also be able to ask you questions. It’s the face to face interactions that truly close the sale. The entire event rarely takes more than 15 minutes. We have been known to book clients on the spot.

Elevator speech example:

Hi, my name is Kyra and this is Juan! We are with the Boardwalk Cleaning Co. We are your one-stop shop for all your residential cleaning needs. We all know a home that sparkles will sell faster than one with clutter. Now, why would you refer someone that you have never used before? Well, that’s exactly why we want to offer you 20% off the cleaning of your personal residence!

Let’s take a break so that y’all can stretch your legs and nibble on some warm cookies we’ve brought for you. We’ll be here to answer any questions you have.

I like to keep it quick and simple and if the class of the day is something that I have knowledge on, I try to add a bit in to make it relevant to the day. As one person is speaking the other is passing out business materials.

Other offerings to consider:

  • Referred clients get $25 off their first time service.
  • All referrals can generate a 10% cash back commission, this can be used to donate to charity, use towards cleaning of their own home, or as cash back paid out after the total reaches $100.*(Keep in mind that Realtors, by law must disclose to any client that they are receiving a referral fee to offer a service provider, therefore many will decline the referral fee)
  • Property managers and short-term rental owners can be set up with a flat fee for each cleaning. This can really assist with budgeting.

* We always disclose that if a unit is unusually dirty, or has items left behind that there could be additional charges.

Landing Page/Email Marketing Example for Realtors

Check out our landing page that we use to market to Realtors below. We also have a mailing list that goes directly to the Realtors that we have met over the years. Using bite-sized portions, we can send out emails to keep our company at the top of their list.


We all know a home that sparkles will sell faster than one with dust and clutter. Why not help your client sell their home faster, and make yourself look like a hero in the process? Giving your clients the gift of a house cleaning can help you be a real estate superstar and in the process help close the deal faster and get more referrals.

Just think about it…

  • Clients Have No Time…

You’d think that it’d be common sense to keep a home in tip-top shape when you are selling your home, but the truth is, only 10% of people out there keep a home as immaculate as it needs to be when showing it to potential buyers. Honestly, with all that is going on in life and getting ready for a move, who has time to keep the house perfect?

  • But My House is Clean…

Ya, not so much, there are different definitions of clean, and like I said, only about 10% of the households out there are really, really clean. I mean sparkling clean.

  • You Know the Photographer Ain’t Gonna Do It…

You have all seen those real estate photos with heaps of junk and unmade beds…those homes are just asking for a low ball offer. But, even the little details can make a difference. You know that a photographer is not going to take the time to load the dishwasher with the morning dishes or put the hang the towels off the bathroom floor.

  • The Gift of Clean…

So you could certainly get your clients a nice bottle of bubbly…just like everyone else or you could give them the Gift of a Clean house. Cleaning gift cards can be used when they move out or at their new home. It is a gift that is sure to be remembered…and there is no hangover included!

[call_to_action color=”green” button_text=”Download” button_url=”http://www.fieldd.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Realtor-Presentation-Folders.pdf”]
Here is an example of the realtor presentation folders we’ve used for our own residential cleaning business.

So go for it, get yourself out there! Shake hands and kiss some babies. The best way to win the hearts of Realtors is to get to know them and become a part of their team.