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Vegas 2017 Super Charge Your Growth with Pam Washington

Have you wondered why there are so many live events and why people attend them like crazy? If you think that they are a waste of them (well some are), you’d surprised to find out that doing the right things at the RIGHT live event can help you grow your business faster than any other single strategy.

That being said – what was the best overall expenditure of both time and money I’ve invested in attending live events? I’d have to say (hands down) it’s been attending the ones put on by people who are masters of the thing I want to learn.

I’ve spent years (and thousands of dollars) attending all the major events that I could, connecting with people, masterminding, learning…all of it. Here are some ‘best practices’  for getting the most out of any live event:

  • Read ALL of the pre-event materials in advance so you know exactly what was going to be covered. That way you have questions, challenges, and expectations clearly defined in advance.
  • Keep an open mind about learning new material in new ways! Sometimes some of the presentation methods that work best may initially seem strange and even “counter-intuitive
  • Make sure  you stay focused during the training sessions (leave texting and checking email for break times only). Worked wonders!
  • Start striking up conversations with the people at the event (sitting next to you, standing in line at breakfast, or on the elevator). You’ll make friends within your industry and be able to network in ways that really help you grow your business.

MOST IMPORTANTLY- Map out a plan of action while at the event for ow to take what you’re learning and start implementing it in your business  (and your life) IMMEDIATELY. Many events get you all pumped up while there. But without making some lasting changes in what you do and how you do it, all you’ve really done is fill you head with a bunch of information.

And in our current age of information overload, that’s not what’s really going to help you. So before you go, make a commitment to use at least 25% of what you learned within the first 2 weeks of returning home. Studies have shown that the longer we delay, the less likely we are to actually take action. And taking action is the key to getting any traction from your new learning.

Now, go ahead, take the plunge! Sign up for a LIVE event that aligns with what you need  right now in your business. And THEN, actually get all the value that attending a training or workshop can offer you. Because they can in fact, be truly life changing! 

And, if what you need right now is a LIVE event toSUPER-Charge Your Growth” you can get that here.