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Save it for a Rainy Day

When you think of the phrase, “Save it for a rainy day”, I suppose the first thing that comes to mind is your pocketbook. Well, that’s not what I’m writing about today!  What I’m talking about is real rain!  When it rains, our service business that’s based in Austin, Texas inevitably slows down.   Maybe it’s just Austin, but I imagine every business has its version of a rainy day.  I can’t say I’ve ever done any research on the why’s, all I just know is that our call volume is consistently slower.  🤔 

So what should we be saving for a rainy day???  Time-consuming projects that need to get done, but are not a high priority.  

Here are some ideas for your rainy day projects…

Write Thank You cards to your long-time, or your newest customers.

Or both for that matter.  I true piece of mail, that is not a bill or a marketing flyer is a rare occasion in my house. When I get a real letter, or card that is addressed to me, with actual pen ink, I sort of light up!  It makes me happy to go to the mailbox for something other than another bill.

Plan out social media offers for upcoming holidays.

When the holidays are in full swing, everything seems to move at the speed of light. This is true not only for the major holidays, but also the long weekends and smaller holidays.  The offers can be used over and over again year after year, so the time spent preparing them will pay you back for years to come.

Write out a process…

There are so many things that we do on a day-to-day basis that we use a process for, but we don’t have these process written down.  If something were to happen to you that caused you to be away from your business, or maybe you just want to go on vacation, would you be able to easily have someone step into the driver’s seat?  Even if its just how to do the basics?  If you have a clear process thoroughly written out, you are more likely to take that much-needed vacation and spend more time with your family.

Plan your goals for growth!

Most of us will have an idea that we want our business to grow, but without concrete goals in mind, all that we can really ascertain is that we have grown or we have not grown.  Wouldn’t you like to be able to say: “ My goal is to add 20 people to my client list within in the next 30 days.”  Set up a goal that makes senses to your business, and more importantly…how you are going to achieve this goal. Increase your marketing budget? Ask for referrals?  Make a plan, make it work and watch your business grow.

Do some research!

Whether you are curious about your competition, or you want to learn a new app, this is the perfect time to check it out. With fewer interruptions, you can really dig deep!

Schedule upcoming appointments

I am terrible at this, and I’m a mom, so it makes it even worse.  But you should really schedule upcoming appointments! Don’t procrastinate, as we have tendencies to do.  Today, I’ve scheduled a time to see the dentist (for the whole family), haircut for me (I am in desperate need),  and an appointment with the vet for two kitties that need their shots.  You get the idea.  Sit down, take care of all of your scheduling, and you are going to feel like a weight has been lifted.  Otherwise, you’ll carry that stress with you until you get it done. It’s a fact when you take care of yourself, and your family, you will have more time to take care of your business.


These are just a few ideas to get your rainy day juices flowing…and you could always get into that old filing cabinet that you have been meaning to tackle for the last 3 years!