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Offering Value Added Services Rather than Upselling

Let’s face it…not all of us are natural born sales people.  And who likes sales people anyway?  I find it so hard to listen to a pitch, by the time 30 seconds has passed I’m rolling my eyes and ready to move on with my day.  So rather than upsell, why not give your clients the opportunity for value-added services?  It just sounds so much friendlier than upselling.  Also, there is a zero out of pocket cost and zero risks involved with offering value added services.

Set One: Define the Opportunity

In order to offer a value, you first need to define the opportunity and then assign a value to the opportunity.  You can look at this in several ways:


  • Seasonal Opportunities
    • Spring Cleaning
    • Summer Spruce Up
    • Back to School Fall Cleaning
    • Holiday Preparation Cleaning
  • As-Needed Opportunities
    • Fridge
    • Oven
    • Blinds
    • Windows
    • Baseboards
  • Special Occasion
    • Graduations
    • Family Addition
    • Moving
    • Weddings
    • Birthdays


These are just a few ideas for you to jumpstart your creativity and define your opportunities.  Other ideas would include activities and festivals that are local to your area.  Of course, you can also offer these value added services whenever you see the need arise. Remember your client loyalty is important to the long-term success of your company. http://blog.fieldd.com/new-clients-are-great-but-loyal-customers-are-your-bread-and-butter


Step Two: Create the Offer


There are two main ways that we create offers for our clients.  In the first scenario, we send out email blasts to clients who have either used our services or have requested a quote.  Then we set up email blast via MailChimp. 

We offer discounts or upgrades to our current recurring clients, folks who have used us at one point or another, as well as all of our contacts that have requested a quote or signed up for our discounts and specials list. You can grab the taglines that I use here:

12 Months of Marketing Ideas

In the second scenario, we offer personalized offers to our clients depending on their needs, this is the true upselling.  We see the clients’ home on a regular basis, we’re aware of their needs as a family, we treat their home with care and respect, we pay attention to the details.  In doing this we are able to identify the specific needs of our clients as individuals.  


Here is one example that we sent to a long time client just last week:

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 1.33.18 PM.png


We do the extras for our clients all the time and try to maintain the home, by having our teams do these extras on each service, as time permits. However, there are just some things we just won’t touch unless we get paid a little extra.

This gives us the opportunity to make a little extra on homes when the opportunity presents itself.  All we have to do is create the offer.  


Step Three: Seal the Deal

In step three we close the deal.  We simply confirm with the client what the total charges will be on the next service, and see if there is anything that they may want that we didn’t mention.   If the client pays by check, we will not complete the extras until we see the check is left for the right amount, otherwise, we bill the card on file for the regular amount plus extras after the service is complete.


Step Four: Rinse and Repeat

As I said previously, you’re not selling, just offering.  It is so much easier an approach to a hard sell.  Use your contacts, ask them what they need…what they want, but also tell them what they need!  Some people will honestly float through your client base and be there forever, never wanting more or less, always being great loyal clients.  Giving them an offer of something extra every so often shows that you are paying attention to what they need.  It shows them that you are there to take care of their home, that they aren’t just another client, that you care.