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Google Killed the Door Hanger

Lets just be completely honest here…when was the last time you got a door hanger that made you take a desired action? For me personally, it was more than 10 years ago, and it was for Chinese food delivery.  And boy, did I act on it. Food. Delivery. To my Door. I hadn’t put my purse down before I started dialing for some Kung Pao Chicken!  But that was more than a decade ago…It was before the iPhone, before the smartphone, before we all turned into tech junkies.

That being said, if your target audience is still using the yellow pages..maybe the door hanger isn’t dead?!?!


Our target market can be drilled down to the perfect client:  Suburbarn, dual-income households with 2.5 children and a golden retriever. These folks have smartphones…they use them to keep track of each other and stay organized.  So door hangers are a drag. A nuisance really.


What happened to us that led us to drop this form of advertising? Well….


When The Boardwalk Cleaning Co. first started…we did use door hangers.  They helped us build our brand and for the number of incoming calls we got, the cost was relatively low.  We purchased door hangers in bulk and targeted specific neighborhoods.  We did this yearly for about 5 years because we always saw a return on our investment.  


So, why’d we quit?  It was 2008, smack in the middle of the recession…and we began to experience a decline in calls, bookings and inquiries.  So the first thing we did was print doorhangers!  We had to get those phones ringing!  But, what we got instead was a rude awakening.  We actually caught our door hanger distributors dumping the door hangers into the trash…They came and picked up the door hangers, the deposit, and drove to the dumpster on the other side of the parking lot…We didn’t actually see it happen, but the guy who does our car wraps did.  They didn’t even leave our office complex.  Who does that???  


So we decided to forge ahead with one more print run.  This time we kept the distribution in-house.  We hired a couple of guys for a week and had them supervised.  The door hangers were definately going out, but the calls were definately NOT coming in.  Suddenly the ROI was dead and the door hanger as a marketing tool was fading before our eyes.


But wait a sec…were they TOTALLY DEAD?  No!  We actually still use them to target the neighbors of folks we clean. The teams keep them in the car and carry them into condos too.  Now we just target specific neighbors, and the herd mentality takes over!  When you know your neighbor has a cleaning service all of a sudden you might think, “Well, if Christina in Apt 7A has a maid service, why don’t we?” 

So, maybe you should do the same.  Limited print runs, targeting specific clientele.  It works for us!