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Goal: Growth in Recurring Client Revenues

It’s a new year, and you’re ready to achieve all of your New Year’s goals…or are you? This time of year, the top goals always seem to be tailored around being a new you. Shed those holiday pounds, kick old habits, and create new habits. These goals always seem to be centered around the things that we want personally in our lives, but what about the goals and habits centered around your business?

The #1 goal of every business is GROWTH. Makes sense right? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a company saying they want to decrease their revenues.

According the the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the Janitorial Industry (which includes maids) is expected to grow by 6% year-over-year through 2020. And yet, according to a cleaning industry report from Franchise Help, an average of 55% of customers will drop their cleaning company every year.

So, if your goal is growth in 2017, then let’s take a look at a few ways that you could break a lofty goal down into seriously doable bite-sized goals!

Goal: Be the best at cleaning every home, every time

We’re all human. We’re going to make mistakes. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to deliver our best every time. The first step in being better is to know where we are right now.

Ask yourself the following:

  • What is it that your customers complain most about?
  • Is there a client that is ALWAYS unhappy with their service?
  • Do you have a team that always misses that one spot in a client’s home?

Focus on how you can start to make small improvements. Because these improvements will begin to add up and trickle down to other aspects of your business. For example, these are simple and attainable goals:

  • Customer complaints will be limited to 1 complaint per 50 homes completed.
  • Client XX complaints about XX, communication with client will be increased to ensure satisfaction, on-site quality control will be increased until client is happy (or fire her/him).
  • Team XX will have increased quality control visits to ensure that XX is cleaned to 100% satisfaction 9 out of 10 times without reminders.

I think you get the idea! Be specific and figure out specific ways to fix the details of the problem. Almost every part of a business can be improved using this method.

To keep track of quality control in the field, check out our free quality control checklist.

Goal: Treat every customer like a VIP, every time

The easiest way to do this is to “be present” in every conversation you have with a client. If you are speaking with a new client, take the time to listen to the clients needs. Take notes so that you don’t forget anything. Keep in touch after a new service, and make sure to check-in on clients who have been with you for awhile. It doesn’t take much time to nurture your clients and make them feel special or important.

Goal: Get testimonials and reviews and show them off, be proud!

Now that you’ve reduced complaints and you’re communicating with your clients on a more regular basis, it’s time to ask them to make their opinions public. According to Vendasta, 92% of consumers read online reviews. This basically means that in order to win over prospects via the internet, your company is going to need reviews. And most clients aren’t going to post a review unless you ask them. It is as simple as:

“We’re so glad you were thrilled with our service. We’d love it if you’d take a couple of minutes to provide us with your feedback on Yelp.”

You can check out how we used Yelp to help us grow: Testimonials Work and How to Get Them.

Goal: Increase your recurring client base

Alright, you’re on a roll! Your clients are happy! Your reviews are pouring in and now your phone is starting to ring, your website traffic is up and you have a ton of new clients. The next goal should be how to convert them into recurring clients!

Recurring clients don’t grow on trees. You’re going to need a plan-of-action that you follow each and every time you speak with a client. And there is no better time that first contact! And it goes something a little like this:

“You should really consider maid service on a bi-weekly or weekly basis.”


Goal: Increase employee engagement and retention

I left this one for last, because it’s the most important part of growing your business. You need to hire the right people and you need to keep good people. Unfortunately, hiring and keeping good people is also the biggest struggle that a services business will go through. But it doesn’t have to be!

One of the simplest ways to make your employees happy is to engage with them. Tell them when they’re doing a good job, and when they are not. Learn their names. Ask them how their day is going. Throw a party every now and then. It doesn’t need to be an expensive gala! Keep it simple. Bring in breakfast and say, “Thank You for all that you do!”

People Together-8.jpg

Have pizza at the office on Friday…so they can grab a slice on their way out the door. Or buy a box of donuts one day out of the week. What other ways do you have to engage your employees? We’d love to know.

And finally, how big do you want to grow this year? 🙂