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Claiming Your NextDoor Business Profile

NextDoor is the latest social network to become popular, but this one isn’t targeting millennials on their smartphone like SnapChat, or Meerkat. Rather, NextDoor is targeting a less transient, more settled demographic.  It is aimed at joining people together based on location.  Namely, your neighbors!  In so many ways, gone are the days when we actually reach out and talk to the people who live right next door.  So the NextDoor app aims to bridge this gap and keep neighbors informed through social media.

Personally, I love it.  It’s a great way to know what’s going on around me in a hyper-local way.  It’s also great to have an alternative to selling off my slightly used furnishings rather than using Craigslist. It’s also great to be helpful when a neighbor asks for a recommendation.  Which brings me to the task task at hand…Claiming your business listing.


To be completely honest, up until I was getting ready to write this very article, I was not aware that NextDoor had local business listings.  I had however, seen folks asking for recommendations about everything from dog walkers, to cleaners, to landscaping help.  So I started off by searching for *cleaning* to see what the chatter in my neighborhood was all about.


NextDoor Set Up 01.png


When I searched for cleaning, the various threads that mention cleaning popped up.  Low and behold! So did a link to search for pages that match local business listings.  


Next Door 02.png


So here we have it….a quick search for cleaning pops up several cleaning companies.  Next, I clicked on the Cleaning Sisters link, and discovered that you could claim a business page.  This is a similar setup to claiming a business page on Yelp or Google.  


NextDoor 03.png


The next step in the process is to verify your business phone number with a phone call.


NextDoor 04.png


Once you have verified, you can add your logo and a brief description.


NextDoor 05.png


Woohooooo!  Confirmed, my business page has been claimed.


NextDoor 06.png

To my surprise, we already have recommendations.  Great way to start off my profile.  I also learn that because of those recommendations we are showing up in my neighborhoods.  Which means in order to reach more people on NextDoor we need to get more recommendations.


Next Door 07.png


Now time to get some additional recommendations.


NextDoor 08.png


So I copy the link that NextDoor provided, and made a nice little request to add to my email signature.


NextDoor 09.png


Now, on the left side menu bar I click on my business profile to see what else is under the hood. 

NextDoor 10.png

I adjust the hours of operation as well as add in some additional services that we offer.  This will make it so that we pop up in more searches within NextDoor.

NextDoor 11.png

Now that we have our profile all set up, time to promote your business listing.  Be sure to link to the listing whenever someone asks for a recommendation on NextDoor.  Like any other social network, they will want you to advertise with them eventually.  At this time, I do not have any advise on this matter.  For now with the business listing claimed we can track our performance, and use this as a free source of exposure.