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Top 20 Keywords You Must Rank for, and How to Find Them

So here’s the deal, I’ve done some SEO, I’m not technically a pro..but I’ve found that I’m pretty good at it.  So if you want to give it a go on your own, keep reading…!

To start off, what is SEO?  It’s an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.

I’m certain that most of you (with a website) are aware of what it is, but I don’t like to assume things, especially since I had no idea what it stood for when I first started with it!

I honestly thought it was just a setting in the website that made the website available in Google, Bing, Yahoo and all those other search engines that we know are out there.

So the thought that it was a “setting” in a website that makes your site available to search engines, is a little bit true, but the real value of SEO is to be the best website based on parameters that are sometimes a bit silly, constantly changing, but, very useful when followed to get your website found on the first page of Google.

If you follow the rules, you will see results.

If you want to dive deeper, check out this e-course that really details how to use those SEO apps I was talking about:

Moving on…. we aren’t here to talk about how to do SEO, we are here to talk about which keywords you want to rank for when you are working on SEO.

Why you ask, can’t we talk about SEO more, since you’re still aren’t clear on how to do it?

There’s an app for that…and you will use it, and follow its rules.  It’s just so much easier than me trying to tell you how to do each step.

Let’s get back to the business at hand…deciding which keywords to focus, your SEO on, for your service business.

In order to get started, we need to hop on over to the Google Keyword Planner.  Once there, you’ll put in the most basic of information in order to get keyword ideas.  These are the words that you’re going to use to write your blog posts, resources pages, and without being a used car salesman, we are going to integrate them wherever we can in order to boost our ranking with Google, and therefore be able to spend less money on Google Adwords.

We want to rank for the most searched for and the most expensive keywords.  Doing a search in the google console will give you the information to be able to take the guesswork out of planning these strategies.

Ok, back to the search…very basic here: I searched for cleaning services and I got nearly 700 keywords…now that looks like a little something to get started with!!

maid service keywords

So with the search results, you can start to get an idea of which keyword you’d like to try to rank for.  When I start with a new project I like to pick about 10 keywords that have a high search volume, high competition, and a high price. These are going to be the hardest to rank for.  So they will take the most work, and the most time.  Once those 10 are knocked out I like to pick 10 that are high search, medium competition and high price, they will be a little easier to rank for, and there is plenty of search out there for it.


But before you pick your keywords, let’s take a look at something a little more local, after all, you probably only service a certain area, not the whole wide world. We do this by going to the left side of the keyword planner and selecting location, under targeting :

negative keywords

Alright, let’s see what it comes up with now.

maid services keyword planner

The location I am looking at (Austin, TX) is expensive…that means the competition is high overall.  You can also see, that nationally, maid service is considered medium, but in Austin, the competition for that keyword is high. You can see the difference in the pricing between nationally and our targeted location is substantial, by comparing the far right column.


So, let’s drill down a little further…because here’s the thing…I’ve done this I know how to do it, but what I am seeing at this moment while I am writing this, is that there are a few things that have changed since I last did this for Boardwalk. We are trucking along with some really great organic traffic, so I’ve kinda let it do its thing.  I think it’s time for an update.  Time to throw in some new keywords to rank for.  Here’s what I mean:

cleaning services SEO keywords

Of all the keywords, when I sort by searches, cleaner, is the most searched term in this category. It also has a low competition and it’s cheap…which means I could totally throw a few dollars at it in Adwords as well. It would be a cost-effective one to test out.

I think you get the basic idea, right?  When creating your website, or updating it, look at the data, make informed decisions.  This will lead you to success, not only in gaining more free (free, only because you are not paying yourself for your blood sweat and tears, in order to grow your business) traffic to a website.  You can do this!

You can grab this spreadsheet to get you started: Top 20 Keywords for Cleaning Services, Ranked by Global Searches


Oh and if you want a little help figuring out how to write, better, faster posts then check out my mini email course, it’s free, and it will clarify so many more details than what we hit on here.