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7 Quick Ways to Make Your Cleaning Clients Happy for the Holidays

There’s no better time of year to WOW your cleaning clients than the holidays.  In a way, people sort of expect a little something extra this time of year.  Extra cashiers at the stores, extra discounts on the gifts we want to buy, and a few extra pounds from all those extra holiday parties.

So here are 7 simple and super-effective ways to give your cleaning clients a little extra this season without breaking the pocket book.

#1 Hand write a holiday card and have all of your staff sign the card.  

The client’s response to this card was wonderful.  They really appreciated the handwritten card, and praised the company’s customer service!  And speaking of pets…

#2 Do your clients have pets?  Drop a small gift for their pet the next time you visit their home.

Let’s face it…if your client has pets, you probably see the pet more often than you see the client!  Wow them with the simple and cute gift.  You can snag the recipe to make these treats from scratch, as well as get the doggie printouts at Better Homes and Gardens.  

#3 Fresh baked goods anyone?  Cookies or candies in a mason jar is a great Christmas tradition!

Or if you are not the baking type…create a mix.  This idea came from Whole Foods you can take a look at the recipe here:
Holiday Oatmeal Cookies.

#4 Promotional, yet useful items, such as a cell phone wallet.  Do you remember when every business gave out a calendar?

This Instagram one is a cute example!  The wallet sticks to the back of your phone to hold, a couple of cards, and maybe a little cash.  

Phone +wallet = always on the client’s mind.

#5 Coffee or tea from a local beanery


It is rare to find a household without a coffee drinker, but for those who don’t drink coffee most beaneries will also carry tea.  If you have a large client base this could get a little spending, but the good news is that if your beanery is local, you can probably do something in trade.  It never hurts to ask.

#6 A Discount (or FREE) Bonus Cleaning or Upgrade Item

We have offered this many time through-out the years.  Clients love the extra’s and it gets there oven ready for all that Holiday baking.

#7 Custom Fortune Cookies

Holiday Gift idea gold-fortune-cookies

So you can order these with up to 15 different messages…Then I was thinking that it would be fun to add in some inspiration messages, as well as marketing, and free stuff.  Really fun idea and not to terribly costly.  You can check out these custom fortune cookies here: Fortune Cookie Factory.