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QuickBooks Online Integration 2 Way Sync

Running your own business is complicated, time consuming, and often a logistical nightmare.  Finding the right tools to make your business run more efficiently, can make your business and life easier.  QuickBooks is known to be the industry standard in accounting for small businesses.  It just makes sense that your scheduling software would integrate with QuickBooks Online in order to save you the time and headache of double entry.  

When you use Fieldd Service Software with the QuickBooks Online Integration you won’t need any other tools.  In fact if you already have a QuickBooks Online account you can use your Intuit account to sign up for Fieldd, and thus automatically connect your accounts.  

So here is a little overview of how all this works.

What data is synced with QuickBooks?

Fieldd supports a 2-way sync. When you connect to QuickBooks Online and start the sync process, Fieldd will import your Quickbooks Data first then Export your Fieldd data to Quickbooks.

What data is Imported from QuickBooks to Fieldd?

The Data that is Imported from QuickBooks to Fieldd is:

  1. Customer List
  2. Product List
  3. Sales Tax List
  4. Sales Terms List
  5. Customer Type List

What data is Exported from Fieldd to QuickBooks?

The Items below created in Fieldd will be exported to QuickBooks.

  1. New Customers
  2. New Products
  3. New Sales Tax
  4. New Sales Terms
  5. New Customer Type
  6. New Invoices
  7. New Estimates
  8. New Payments

Can I import my past QuickBook Invoices into Fieldd?

No we can not.  QuickBooks does not support the exporting of your past data into Fieldd.

How does the QuickBooks Import work?

When you setup your QuickBooks connection in Fieldd you can sync your data at anytime.  We recommend syncing your data on a schedule so that all of your QuickBooks account is always up to date.

So as you can see when you set up your Fieldd account by connecting with QuickBooks, you will have all your clients, products and service synced into Fieldd!  Then you just need to set up your employees or contractors and you can start to schedule your jobs.

If you are not already using QuickBooks for your accounting needs you can take a look here: QuickBooks Online.

Still have questions?  Get in touch I would love to talk more about how Fieldd with the QuickBooks Online integration can help you save dozens of hours a week.