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Gain Control of Your Schedule with Field Service Dispatch Software

When it comes to dispatching your crew you really need to consider the use of a field service dispatch software.

But you already know that right?  That’s why you’re here, to consider your options, do your research and find a better way to dispatch your crew into the field and get the job done.

When your software is used correctly it will be the backbone of your business.  All of your data will be available in one central location.  Saving you the time of chasing the paper trail, eliminating lost work orders, and going from job creation to payment processing all in one seamless experience.

Now, we all know that scheduling can be an absolute nightmare.  There are so many variables to consider.  And then you have to change everything on the fly when your staff call in sick. With our field service dispatch board, we make these last minute changes easier than ever.

Check out this quick video showing how the feature works:

Did you see how easy that is?  And the best part is it only changes the team members for a single day, it automatically updates all of your work orders assigned to the given team.  We call them team squads, and they will save you an unbelievable amount of time when trying to rearrange your schedule.  If you need to make changes to your field service dispatch board jobs, you can also drag and drop jobs between teams.

So if you have found yourself lost in a disorganized mess, struggle with your schedule, and buried in sticky notes…then it is time to consider, for your own sanity, a new approach.

field service dispatch

Not only for your sanity, but also for your bottom line.  When your schedule is a mess and teams are not getting the information they need in a quick and effective fashion, you are also losing money.  Surveys indicate that the average employee wastes about 1 hour of available working time because of disorganization. So let’s say that you have 20 employees at $14 an hour.  That is $280 a day in wages paid when NO revenue was created.  In a 5 day work week this adds up to $72,800 a year…to me, that’s not pocket change.

So with Fieldd as your backbone, how much can you save by being organized?  The field service dispatch calendar is not our only asset, but you have to see it too believe it.  Try Fieldd today with a Free 14-Day fully featured trial. No credit card required.