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7 Simple Ways to Tame Morning Chaos

There is nothing worse than a rushed and chaotic morning to set the mood for the day.  So many variables can disrupt the flow in your morning schedule — especially when you have a handful of field employees that you *have* to get out the door and onto their jobs first thing in the morning.

So I am here to share with you some tips and tricks that will help to calm the morning, and start your day on the right foot.

1. Get to the office at least 30 minutes before anyone else.

When your morning consists of a gazillion questions coming from a gazillion different employees, you need to be ready to handle them all.  Getting to the office before everyone else will give you a moment to check all voicemail/emails and to make any adjustments to the schedule before your earliest people arrive.

2. Stock vehicles with supplies the day before.

Stocking your vehicles in the afternoon or evening when the office is quiet is a no-brainer.  It will also give you time to take a quick inventory and make a stock run just in case there is something that was overlooked.  

3. Use a whiteboard to keep your team informed.

It can be really easy to forget the simplest of things.  Prominently displaying notes on “topics of the week” can keep those reminders in the forefront of everyones’ minds.  This is a great place to put notifications of team meetings, praises for your team(s), and any upcoming training sessions that you are holding.

4. Keep all keys in an organized lock box.

Whether you have supply room keys, vehicle keys, or keys for clients’ homes, they *all* need to be organized and in a central location.  Securing them in a key lock box adds additional security.  Prepare the keys needed for each team the evening before….

[bctt tweet=”On average, we spend 6 minutes looking for our keys in the morning. — IKEA” via=”no”]

5. Ready to go paperless?

Sign up for a free trial for a field service management software which would enable you to eliminate the paper trail and put an end to lost work orders  Have your field employees receiving real-time updates as soon as office staff have made them.

6. Stagger in start times.

Trying to talk to 30 people at once is fine if you are in a meeting with an agenda, but trying to answer 30 people with questions, requests and ideas in the morning (when all you want to do is get them out the door and to the first job) can become a hot mess.  Stagger in times by 10-15 minutes so that your crew doesn’t walk through the door all at once.

7. Smile  🙂

A smile on your face reflects the attitude of not only you, but your company as well.  Putting on a smile while greeting your employees, or co-workers *does* make a huge impact and they’ll radiate a little piece of that happiness back on to their customers.