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Turning Your One Time Clients Into Recurring Clients: Or How to Get the Low Hanging Fruit

This is the fruit on the tree that is just about to fall off but is perfectly ripe for the picking. If you don’t pick it now, it will be gone and eaten but the birds the next time you even think about it. Either than or sitting rotten and the trunk of the tree.  Don’t let these opportunities pass you up!

You will want to organize your client listing into these categories:

  • Used service one-time
  • Used services multiple times
  • Calls in frequently

The first set we are going to approach are the clients that call in frequently. These are the low hanging fruit. You want to get them on your schedule. You service these clients frequently so providing them with a set price should be easy enough. So here we go:

  1. Be prepared. Have the set price ready for the client.
  2. Think of an incentive that you can make personal for the client. Do they call in Monthly? Every two weeks? Every six weeks? What type of services are they getting? Is it always the same, or do they switch it up?
  3. Call the client: make your pitch, sell yourself, your services, your brand. Make it short and to the point.

[alert color=”orange” icon=”alert”]Disclaimer: Our business model does not require a contract, we believe that our exceptional services will ensure the clients will be coming back for more.[/alert]

Mention that our recurring service is NOT a contract, scheduling is flexible, and the price will be set. These are great selling points. If you have a contract model then remember to mention any of your contract terms.

[alert color=”Blue” icon=””]Here is an example script:

  • Hello, may I speak to (use the first name when possible)? Hi, this is (your name and company).
  • I wanted to follow up with and let you know that we are offering some great discounts on recurring services. It looks like currently, you call in on (such and such frequency).
  • Is this something that you would be interested in?
    • If at this point they say no, thank them for their time, and remind them that you appreciate their business and “We will be here anytime you need us.” Then follow up with an e-mail reminding them of the offer and some prices.
  • Great! So based on your previous services we can get you on the schedule for $XXX for every (X) week(s). How does that sound?
    • If they have an objection this is the time to offer an additional discount.
  • Fantastic! When would you like to begin your service? I can get you set up as soon as….

In closing, recap the conversation:

  • Ok (client name), I have your home scheduled for a morning arrival next Friday, and every two weeks thereafter.
  • We will be billing you only after each service is completed and never before.
  • Do you have any further questions for me?
  • Ok great, we will see you next Friday. Thank you and have a great day!

Possible incentives:

  • $20 Off Your First Recurring Service
  • $10 Off Your First 4 Weekly or Bi-Weekly Service[/alert]

Remember that you are already giving them a break on the cost since they are signing up for recurring rather than calling in, so use the incentives as needed to hook a hesitant client, rather than offering it outright.

Now rinse and repeat. Go through each list until you have exhausted it. Push for 40 outbound calls per day. Schedule your call times based on the data that you captured regarding when you incoming volume is the lowest. Don’t call too early or too late in the day. Only call once and leave a message if there is no answer. Follow up with an e-mail, and an offer. Track everything.

Happy Selling!