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Are You Ready for the Cloud?

A large percentage of their material is based on data findings that deal with larger enterprise-level field service companies, but that doesn’t mean small business shouldn’t pay attention to what they say as well.  In a recent study, they took a look at field service solutions and moving to a cloud-based solution.  

Accord to the study they found that ¾ of field service organizations are still using one premise installation services for their Field Service Management. The majority of these are looking to move their management into a cloud-based application.  For the most part, this is due to the fact that at the time when the companies in question were setting up their management systems, there were not a lot of options available.

26% of field service management solutions are cloud based.

Barriers have been removed or reduced when it comes to adopting cloud software:

  • upfront costs are reduced
  • resources to investigate and evaluate
  • returns on your investment are quickly returned
  • there are more cloud options now available

In 37% of the companies surveyed, they talked about security being a barrier to cloud adoption.  And 58% of those have had concerns based on the large data breaches of large companies such as the Target, and Home Depot breaches.  However, those findings showed that is was not necessarily a cloud-based solution that was a part of the data breach.  The breach was rather a part of the company’s own data center.  AWS as Amazon cloud service invests heavily in security for their cloud hosted services.  Statistically, the cloud is actually more secure than on-premise data solutions.  

Key reasons that businesses are moving to cloud services:

  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • Ease of Use and Access
  • Less reliance on IT
  • Business Agility

Software as a Service (SAAS) has a great benefit to companies that are looking to increase their efficiency.  Integrating with other business solutions is also a factor that companies consider when they are looking to adopt a cloud solution.

  • CRM
  • Scheduling
  • Mobility
  • Accounting

What are some of the benefits of having a system that is mobile?  Consistent experience across all platforms.  The mobile flow increases efficiency. You are able to access all of your data whether you are on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or your mobile phone.

Here’s one of the best parts really, when you move into the cloud you have not only a consistent experience across all platforms, but you have reliable data available at all your employees fingertips.  When a change is made in the system it is saved to the entire platform therefore as long as you have a data connection you are able to have the most timely and accurate information available.  You and your staff will have the right data at the right time.

How many times has a team ended up at the wrong address? or at the wrong time due to a miscommunication or a last-minute change in the schedule?  A single digit out of place on a work order and you end up over billing, or under billing for that matter.  So let me ask you: are you already in the cloud or planning to make the move soon?