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Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a key indicator of your company’s success.  It can make or break a business, as well as being a key factor in implementing training for your team.  Every part of your team whether you have 2 or 50 people working with you, plan an integral role in customer satisfaction.  From the first point of contact via phone, email or chat to the final follow up after the service is complete, each interaction plays a key role in your business outcomes.

Here are several ways to ensure that each member of your team takes their role as a customer service professional seriously.

Give Your Customers a Voice

This can be as simple as simply asking questions, and actively listening.  If you start off the conversation with a tone of boredom, and lack of caring you can imagine where the conversation will end.  Likely not in a sale, and perhaps even some negative word of mouth.  Having a voice of concern about the customers problems will ensure that you not only solve their problem but that you leave them with a positive experience.

Ask for feedback during the service.  Before leaving any clients home, ensure that everything is to their satisfaction. Take any opportunity to go above and beyond to create a WOW moment.  It is often the smallest of details that make you stand out from the crowd as an outstanding provider of services.  This is especially important in the field services as we are entering into clients homes.  Treat the home with the same respect and care you would treat your own home.

Use Surveys to Ask for Feedback

We all sometimes get caught up in the day to day activities and forget to ask for feedback, or perhaps the client is not home with the service is performed.  Using a survey, either on your website or via email is a great way to ask for feedback.  This gives your customers a voice and it is also great for measuring team performance.

Ask questions such as: How was your representative’s response time?  Were all of your questions answered adequately?  Was your field agent courteous and professional?

Other areas to look at for feedback:

  • speed of service
  • quality of service
  • competitive pricing
  • complaints or problems
  • trust in your employees
  • types of other services needed

Ask for Reviews

Utilizing a review site such as Yelp gives your clients a public voice.  People who have something negative to say will often shout it out to the world, but what about your clients that are satisfied?  They are less likely to share their experience.  However, if you simply ask for the feedback they are often very responsive and will leave a review based on their experience.  These testimonials are a great way to create a reputation for yourself.  Do keep in mind that while asking for feedback on Yelp or Google, you need to keep the request neutral.  Both Yelp and Google will penalize you for asking for a specific or positive review.

Ask for Referrals

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of new client aquisition.  There is something about asking a neighbor or a friend: Who do you use for your _____ services?  Trust is practically automatic since the referrer and referee are already in a situation where they trust each other.  When you listen to a client praise your services, offer a genuine thank you, as simply ask for any referral that they might be able to send your way.

Keeping on top of customer satisfaction will give you a leg up, as well as show you ways to continually improve your services.