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Improvement: The Rinse and Repeat Formula


At times, you may get caught up in the daily grind and maintaining flow and order, but there are always ways in which you can improve your day to day operations.

The business of field service can be especially complicated when you consider all the variables that you have to manage in a day. Keeping an eye on the following on a regular basis and looking for ways to improve your daily operations can ensure that you stay ahead of your competition and differentiate your business from the rest of the crowd.  Here are some areas that you may consider to improve your current operations:

  • What Should You Improve Upon
    Depending on your team you may want to delegate out some tasks, and see what ideas each department has for improvement. You can of course, create a detailed analysis that could turn up some very specific aspects of improvement, or you can start with a brief overview.
  • Customer service/experience
    Make a brief list of the most common customer complaints. Such as long wait times for customer support, or arrival times that are inaccurate.
  • Communications via Social Media
    Are you engaging with your client base? Could you post content more or less frequently in order to drive engagement?
  • Communication with-in the office as well as with the field
    You want to make sure that everyone is on the same page, and has all the tools/information that they need to get the job done, this happens more easily with open lines of communication.
  • Dispatch and Scheduling Process
    Are your routes optimized for maximum performance? Do you have clients always trying to get in on Fridays, and your Monday schedule is blank?
  • Work Order Processing
    Look at your efficiency, accuracy, as well as ways to minimize paperwork.
  • Quality Control/First Time Fix Rate
    Are you repeatedly sending crews back to fix something or complete a job?
  • Team Performance
    Are you matching your teams with their skill levels accurately? Is your training current and up to par?

Of course depending on your business model, there will be other areas in which you can look to improve and streamline your operations. Once you get started I am sure that you won’t run out of ideas!  These ideas should get your juices flowing and put you in the right direction when if comes to making improvements across the board.

How Does Your Technology Stack Up?

Technology is advancing faster than you can say “boo!”, especially with the increased popularity of cloud-based SaaS services. This is also the case with field service management software solutions. Implementing a cloud-based service is not only faster than traditional software systems, it is also cost effective, as it increases efficiency and it simplifies your workflow.

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