1. Service shall be delivered on time. Respect your client’s time. We all have heard the saying “time is the new currency.” Well this is especially true in today’s day and age. As we get increasingly busier, our time becomes that much more valuable. Be sure to arrive when you say will. What’s on the playing field? Just your image, your brand, and bottom line.
  2. Service windows can not be 8am to 6pm. No longer are the days of an 8 to 10 hour window acceptable. Your customers need to have a smaller window of time for your arrival. Increasing your efficiency with a well planned out route is the key to keeping your arrival windows in check. Your crew arrives on time; happiness ensues. If the window you provided changes, let the customer know ahead of time.
  3. You must be available through various channels of communication.Technology is at our fingertips, and within reach 24 hours a day. Give your staff and clients the ability to communicate effectively across multiple channels. This should include voice, e-mail, real time chat as well as social media channels and text messaging. This way, your clients can contact you in the way that is most convenient for them.

  1. You must give your client real time updates. Keep your clients informed. Knowledge is power. From sending out reminders the day prior to the appointment, to notifications that the crew is on the way. Follow up with your clients after the service is complete to close the circle, and encourage prompt feedback. If there are any problems with the service, the sooner you catch it, the less of a problem it will become.
  2. Treat your customer like he is your neighbor. I mean a neighbor that you like of course. Don’t be a stranger to your client. Make sure that they can get answers from a real, live human, and get on a first name basis whenever possible. Don’t get too personal, but keep it friendly rather than salesy.
  3. Do not isolate your field crew. Keeping your teammates up to speed with any updates, add-ons, client instructions is paramount for your success. You wouldn’t send a cleaner to a house without a vacuum would you? The same is true for information, the more information the crew has, the better they will be equipped to to the job, and do it well. Your crew is your front line, they are the ones that have the most face-to-face contact with your clients. Be sure they are fully prepared, each and every time, for each and every assignment.
  4. Customer feedback is an essential tool. Post-appointment follow up is essential not only to insure that the client was completely satisfied, but also because it is a valuable tool to grow your business and encourage loyalty. When asking for feedback, be open, honest, and never defensive. If there is a problem…fix it.
  5. You will not let problems turn into nightmares. The moment that you are alerted to a potential problem, or negative feedback, is the moment that you must take action. Expediting the process and giving it your full attention, no matter how big or small, will ensure the client that you will do whatever is in your power to fix the issue. Potential negative review, and social media nightmare avoided.
  6. Your administrative process will not be a nightmare. From your dispatch board to closing out an invoice. Your system should make your life easier, not give you nightmares. From two way communication between field and office, to real time updates. A simplified and quick transaction makes for a far superior customer experience and employee experience.
  7. You will smile. Your smile is still one of your best tools. Over the phone, it can change the tone of your voice. In person, well, everyone looks better when they are smiling. Even on your most stressful days you will smile. It is the greatest law of customer service. In turn, those around you will smile and, life will just float along a little easier.