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Testimonials Work and How to Get Them

We all know that acquiring a new customer through traditional marketing will cost, at a minimum, 5x more than word of mouth or keeping an existing customer in our pockets.  So let’s take a look at the success of testimonials.

Review sites are a perfect avenue to grow and generate business.

Lets take a look at Yelp for example: 


As you can see, when the company first registered with Yelp there was little to no traffic and getting these reviews took time and effort.  After realizing that traffic was coming to the site from both the web app as well as mobile apps, this company began to ask for reviews.  As more and more reviews came in, it became easier to ask for the reviews and more traffic came in.  It is a pretty easy concept to grasp.  This chart looks a little like bunnies multiplying.  The month-over-month growth of the page views correlated directly to the month-over-month growth of the number of reviews.

We also highlight our Yelp Reviews directly on our website so that people can see that we have a great feedback rating even if they have never seen us on Yelp.

Yelp Review Badge

According to an article in Enterpreneur testimonals are highly efffective for three main reasons:

  • Testimonials build trust.
  • Testimonials aren’t “salesy.”
  • Testimonials overcome skepticism.

Let’s look at some proven ways to ask for testimonials:

  1. Your client calls in and raves about what a great job your crew did and wanted to give you the feedback.  After thanking them for the feedback, you simply say “ That is great! We would love for you to share your feedback on Yelp or Google+.”
  2. Have a leave behind.  You have all seen the table tents at restaurants and so on, describing specials, features & desserts.  This is ALL a way to up-sell.  Use this tactic by creating a simple table tent or small card with a thank you for using your services, and include a request for feedback.  Other ideas include asking for a referral to a friend or family member, as well as a request to join on Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Always include your social media and review site information on your e-mail signature.
  4. Send out an e-mail to regular clients requesting their feedback on various sources.  Offer them a bonus or a discount on their next service for the feedback.  Here is an example of an e-mail offer: 

[alert color=”” icon=””]Hello Heather,

We appreciate the trust that you have placed with us & would like to offer you a little token of our appreciation!

  • Give us your feedback on Yelp for a $10 credit
  • Refer us to a friend or family member for a $20 credit
  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Google+  $5 for each for up to a $15 credit

This offer doesn’t expire.  I promise not to spam you, not ever.  If you wish to unsubscribe just click on the unsubscribe link below & I will never send you another email offer again.[/alert]

As you can see it is simple and to the point.  We are asking for feedback.  We are not asking for a positive review.  Asking for a positive review is a no-no in the eyes of Google, Yelp and others. 

Another super simple way to get feedback is to include a link to Yelp or another review site right in your email communications with the client.  For example when you send out the client invoice you can add the link and request for feedback as a P.S. like we did here:

Yelp Review Request

Time to take action.  Put it to work for you and watch your numbers grow.

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