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Customer Service is an Attitude

Nothing unusual at all.  What caught my eye was his shirt.   The shirt was bright red and said “Customer Service is an Attitude.”  And that got me thinking…

Creating exceptional and consistent service is a must especially in today’s day and age.  With a myriad of companies in every industry from cleaning service to plumbers it is more important now than ever to ensure that each and every customer becomes a loyal customer from the very first visit, from the very first phone call.  In the field services industry this can be an especially difficult challenge.  How many times have you cringed at the thought of calling the cable company when your cable is down to get a response?  From waiting on the line to getting through to a human, to the wait time for the tech to arrive? 

“he customer’s perception is your reality. – Kate Zabriskie

 From your phone operators, your dispatch team, to your field techs we all need to be hyper aware of the customer experience.  Lets take a look at how we tackle this challenge. 

  • Answer the phone on the first ring whenever possible.  Only use an auto attendant if your company has several departments in which a client would need to reach.  For example a small company with one 1 or 2 people answering the phone will not need to use an auto attendant since in this scenario, your front line wears many hats.  In many cases this is you the business owner.  You don’t need an auto attendant if you are the one handling billing as well as sales.  Sounding like a bigger company will not get you more business.
  • Get a name and phone number or an e-mail.  Then use the name in conversation as often as appropriate so that they client understands that you are talking to them, not just another caller.  Get them into your system immediately.  In the service industry we have to remember that as I have already mentioned “customer service is an attitude.”  So your attitude towards this person on the other end of the line needs to be one of I want ____ to be my client.
  • Listen. Yes I have to point this out.  Listen not only to what they are saying, but how they are saying it.  Tone of voice, speed of voice, type of questions, these will all get you to know your client very quickly.  Take notes…in that file you started.  If they book, convert the prospect to a client, and if they don’t, use the notes to send them a customized campaign offer based on their individual needs.
  • Follow Up.  Always follow up.  Turn your one time customer into a repeat or recurring customer, these are your biggest brand builders.  Be sure that they are happy, 100% happy, with the services performed and make them want it again.  Whether you are an HVAC company that services clients once a year or cleaning company who services clients weekly, get them on a schedule.  Recurring clients are your bread and butter.

We also need to remember that clients these days have escalating expectations. Time is the new currency and clients are willing to spend a little more in order to save time, efficiency matters.  We all have choices in when and where we buy products and use services.  Creating customer loyalty will not only grow your business and grow your brand, but increase your bottom line.